Descriptive Essay About Animals

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I open my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. I can hear an animal. It was not any animal though because the animal happened to be a pig. What was odd though was the pig was blockish as if we were in a game. “Where are we?” I intended to ask myself. “Minecraft!” I turn to the voice that came from my cousin, Jacob. Realization hits me and I began to panic. If this is Minecraft, then we both know that when it gets dark, or when it turns nighttime, the monsters come out and are hostile towards the humans they encounter. “What if we die?!” I questioned without thinking much about what I just asked. “I’m not sure, but this is really cool and um, Melody, you should go get wood or wool so we can build a house and a crafting table,” Jacob replied as he went to get wood himself. I did what I was told and along the way I see a bunny. I knew it was a source of food, so I chased after it in attempt to kill it, but it was too fast and then I found myself to be lost after it lead me deeper into the woods. I look around me and see a cave not far from where I was standing. From the cave I could hear the sounds of hissing from creepers and the squeaks from the bats that were possibly flying around in there. “Oh no. . Jacob!” I was afraid and I shouted my cousin’s name many times in hopes that he finds me, but he did not appear anywhere. I knew I was not going to get anything done if I just stood there and I realized the sun was about to set as well, so I went and

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