Descriptive Essay About Art

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Miah Archambault

In December the snowflakes fall,
The frosty cold will freeze them all.
Four individuals travel to Museum of Fine Art.
Here in Boston, their fascination grows.
Inside they will learn about artists and art history and to leave inspired,
So they too, can create works of art.
Before the story goes on, I must describe the people who tagged along.
Starting with the fashion plate, I begin.

There was a fashionista, the best-dressed lady around,
Her name was Anne and she wanted a tan.
She nearly broke a heel to arrive on time.
If she wasn’t wearing designer clothing she’d whine,
She styled her hair to complete the look.
It only took a day for her to read a book.
The coming of a new season meant a new wardrobe was yet to come.
Whenever she passed by shops, her eyes aimlessly wandered towards the window displays.
Her spending habits were costly, as she always left holding a bag in her hand.
Anywhere she went, she carried her purse.
She collected lipsticks of all shades of pink and placed them inside this bag.
She gladly offered fashion tips and makeovers to those who talked to her.
She walked down the streets as if she were strutting down the runway like a pageant queen.
When all alone, without a phone, she sketched her own clothing designs,
Glamorous dresses for any occasion, and the sleekest shoes were in the making.

There was also an athlete, as tall as the wall.
His name was Jack and he loved to snack.
While he was always caught eating,
He would never be seen

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