Descriptive Essay About Baseball

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“Thats Over”
I watch a baseball smack right off my bat and look at it fly threw the air like an exotic toucan. I can see the fans in the stand go silent and just watch the ball soar.
“Thats over” I said.
That morning I woke up on the second week of summer, ready for my championship baseball game against Portsmouth. Our U11 all star team sat in second place in the tournament going into the championship against the number one seed Portsmouth Eagles. The whole day leading to the game, all I could think about was the game, not even the amazing apple pie my mom made because my sister begged for it. It was finally time, after a long wait it was three oclock. I got into my dad's new Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and we were off. When we got to the game at Madbury Fields I was one of the first to get there. There was one other kid from the other team and one of my teammates that got there even before me. Once both teams got to the field, we waited another thirty minutes for the umpire to arrive, he was probably sleeping. Once he got there we started the game. In the first inning we were on defense and we had our ideal positions out on the field. I was on first base and the coach's son William was the pitcher. All the other positions were filled with other athletes mostly dedicated to baseball or another sport. We had a great start to the game with an easy pop out. Although the next hit was wacked into left field getting him an easy double. We retired the last two batters with easy
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