Descriptive Essay About Beatles

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The Band that Paved the Way
If I had to think of one word to describe the Beatles, it would have to be iconic. Their style and innovation is something that has really stood the test of time and remains unsurpassed. They were ahead of their time, they were experimental, and their music is timeless. The Fab four’s music speaks to all generations. The variety in which is displayed throughout their albums is what I admire most about the Beatles. Each record has its own unique sound; there really is a song for everyone. It is impossible to talk about the progression of music without mentioning the Beatles. They sit atop The Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artist of All Time list, and for good reason. I am excited to express my views on some of my
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In my opinion, the stars represent all the successes and happiness that love can bring a couple. However, many relationships go through a lot of struggles that can be seen by the darkness of the sky. The lyrics are also straightforward and easy to follow. They leave the listener to think about what they believe is the true meaning of love. Hearing this song will forever remind me of my parents love for each other and that is something that is special to me.
The way the Beatles wrote their music was interesting. The song itself is in F# minor until the acoustic guitar solo in the middle of the song by Harrison, which is when it switches over to G minor (The Beatles Bible). I believe that the solo portion of the song is the best part. This portion of the song is more like a transitional period, as George Harrison does a good job of using relaxing tones. Harrison also plays the claves in the background of the song that serve as something similar to a metronome to keep the rhythm constant in the song. Due to the song’s simplicity and beauty, it is no surprise that the tempo is slower. If the song were any faster, the message would be more difficult to portray.. It shows that love and happiness does not come very easy and you must be patient until you are destined with true love. The Beatles did an excellent job of showing the beauty of love in what I believe to be an effortless way.
The next song I chose is one that I couldn’t resist
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