Descriptive Essay About Charles Alsup

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Charles Alsup is a man that I love dearly. A man that I am proud to call my husband. A man that made the happiest ever by giving me two beautiful babies that I can call my own. A man that saved my life when I was going down a path that could have lead to take somebody else s life, take my own life, both, or time in prison. Charles Alsup, better known as Doug, is the one person that was able to bring me to reality and help me turn my life around for the better.
Growing up I had a wonderful childhood. Parents who loved each other and us six more than anything. My dad was a hard worker and provided for his family everyday of the week. My was a house wife and a mother, she loved being just that. As we grew older my dad started drinking more and got to where he was not coming home. My mom would get phone calls from jail where he had gotten DWI and he needed her to come get him. When I was 13 years old my dad was sentenced to prison for 15 years. At 13 years old that has a big impact on a child. Started looking for that fatherly figure and from there on I had an interest in older men. At 15 years old I met this guy, David who was 19 years old, and thought I was deeply in love with him. At 18 years old my mom kicked me out of the house and where else did I have to go but to my boyfriends house, David’s house, and at 20 years old I married him. We had a great relationship and marriage in the beginning, but as the years passed our marriage got rocky. He would not
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