Descriptive Essay About Cricket

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I am writing about a sport named cricket. CRICKET: Cricket has second most number of viewers next to football. The history of cricket started in 16th century, originated in middle-east England, and it developed globally around 19th and 20th century. The first international cricket match was played between USA and CANADA in 1844. The match was played at the St George 's Cricket Club in New York. Cricket is a game played on a vast field, known as a ground. each team should have 11 players. the game is the team batting first should score runs and defend those runs by bowling in the second half, when opponent team is batting. Team Structure: Each team made up of eleven players. A player will be…show more content…
Batsmen should run between two ends to score runs they must run to each other 's end of the pitch (from one end to the other). if they both reach others ends then one run is counted. they can run multiple runs to each shot. Apart from running, they can also score runs by hitting the ball to boundaries. A boundary gives the batsmen to score either 4 or 6 runs. A four is scored by hitting the ball all along the ground rolled until it touches boundary rope, while a six is scored by hitting the ball past the boundary rope on the full without touching the ground. Once a 4 or 6 has been scored any runs physically ran by the batsman are not counted. They will only get the 4 or 6 runs. Ways Batsmen can be given out: There are a number of different ways a batsman can be given out in the game of cricket. Bowled - Cricket rules state that if the ball is bowled and if it hits the striking batsman 's wickets, and bails flip off the stumps the batsman is given out. Caught out - If a batsman hits the ball with his bat or hand/glove holding the bat and if the fielder takes the catch before it hits the ground then the batsman is given caught-out. Leg Before Wicket (LBW) - If the ball is bowled and if it hits the batsman legs or body first without hitting the bat then an LBW decision is possible. Anyhow for the umpire to give this out he must follow some of the rules in the cricket. The main thing the umpire needs to
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