Descriptive Essay About Cuba

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As I stepped off the gargantuan, snow white cruise ship, I gazed at a colorful sea of retro-style cars zipping through the narrow streets littered with potholes. The day I had been anticipating and fearing was finally here. I was in Cuba. The customs office at the end of the ship terminal was institutional looking, with stark white walls and bright lighting. Eventually, my family left customs and officially entered Cuba. Before meeting our tour guide, we located a restroom. Outside, there was a rugged and dirty looking man selling toilet paper to American tourists, who forgot their own roll. However, the cruise line had forewarned us, so we bypassed him. Finally, at the end of the pier, we convened with our tour guide, Jose. He was a…show more content…
In the doorway, a petite, hairless dog laid either asleep or dead. Upon entering, an employee asked us to tie a colorful silk wrap around our waists to cover our legs out of reverence. We complied and entered the cathedral. The ceilings were lofty, and the altar was composed of marble trimmed in gold and ornamented with statues of saints and paintings of cherubs. As I was taking it all in, Jose hurried us out. Once again, we marched the streets of Havana in the sweltering heat. The sweat beaded on my forehead as we hiked, for what seemed to be miles, to a cigar bar in the heart of Havana’s historic district. Upon entering the cigar bar, I noticed a smoky haze permeating the air of the entire room. Through the haze, an employee showed us how to roll cigars by hand with something resembling a wet leaf. Following the tutorial, the employees distributed authentic Cuban cigars and rum. My then sister took a shot of rum and smoked a cigar all before noon on her fourteenth birthday. My sister and I clinked glasses, saying “cheers to fourteen years,” as she choked down her first ever taste of alcohol. My mother snickered and snapped photographs as my father scowled from afar in condemnation. I then began conversing with the young woman next to me, who found it utterly hysterical that this is how we were commemorating my sister’s fourteenth birthday. Since neither my sister nor I had previously smoked, we noticeably struggled with
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