Descriptive Essay About Dance

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Each year around the time of Halloween and all things spooky, hundreds of family members and supportive friends unite together in the Alpena school’s dusty auditorium to watch the spectacular dancers perform on stage. Each one of the dancers prepare and anxiously wait for this big day in October where they can show their loved ones what they have been practicing. I, for one, loved the chilly October weather when all my friends gathered together to perfect our dance, bobby pin our hair up, and take lots of silly pictures as memories. These were the moments I lived for and It was always heartwarming to see the families uniting together to watch all of the dancers. I was ecstatic that the recital was up on me, but of course I was very unsteady about performing in front of hundreds of people. The blinding overhead lights flickered on as I walked in the cramped dance studio. The air in the room felt like a frigid sharp knife stabbing my body. The air awoke the dancers and I up as if the air was an alarm that kept blaring in our eardrums. As everyone slipped on their tap shoes, I, of course, was prepared for an exciting adventure filled lesson we always had in class with some of my closest friends by my side. As the lesson was coming to an end, I realized that my dance recital was only a few days away. I felt a rush of adrenaline and my heart began to beat faster and faster. My stomach began doing somersaults as if I was still in acro class. The recital was a time I could show off

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