Descriptive Essay About Delaware County Fair

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One beautiful Saturday morning, I woke excited about going to Delaware County Fair as if I was the same age as my young daughter. The day was looking beautiful, as the weather was like a typical fall morning. The breeze I could hear through the window; I felt like this was the perfect day to go to the fair. I opened the door of my daughter’s room to wake them up; I turned on the lights and yelled “It’s morning.” My oldest daughter looked at me with one eye half way open and said “It is not morning.” The sky was still dark as it was a cloudy morning. I told her “We have to go to the fair early so we can stay there all day.” They both jump on me giving me hangs and kisses, as this was the first time they went a fair. As much as I was…show more content…
As the cars proceed there were workers standing in front of the gate, taking money for entering the fair. When we enter the gate, there were more workers directing the cars where to park. After I parked the car, I started to smell of a popcorn and food. My younger daughter Aisha said “Mamma Popcorn” as she saw the popcorn stand right before you enter the fair. I looked around and the saw all the fun colorful rides, food stands, people, and the most amazing voice I ever heard. I walk down through the rides while my daughters were asking to ride them. I followed that amazing singing voice, finally I saw the face of the girl who was singing. As I approached to sit down, my children pull on my dress “Let’s go mamma.” After one song, I walked back to take my daughter for some fun rides. We purchased a band for all day rides from the ticket stand. My daughter, Fatima, shouted “I want to go on the dinozer ride” which she meant dinosaur ride. The people around were families with children, but I noticed there was a grandmother sitting alone by one of benches near the dino-ride. I thought the old lady was alone, so I went and sat next to her as my children were on the ride. I said “Hi” to show some respect, but she did not reply. I felt awkward sitting next to someone who just ignored me, “What a racist person” these thoughts were running in my head. As the ride was over in the longest one minute of my life.

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