Descriptive Essay About Disney World Park And Resort

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Have you ever used a tap-to-pay credit card or walked through an automatic door? Have you ever used the GPS on a cellphone or gotten shopping suggestions while browsing a shopping website? Chances are that anyone could answer yes to most of those questions, and if so they have potentially already been picked up by a big data system. Extremely similar techniques of collecting data are being used in the Disney World of today so that Disney can know where their consumers have been, what they look at, and what they buy. Imagine Disney as a shepherd who was struggling to keep up with his ever-growing “flock” of “sheep” — or the people visiting Disney World park and resort; Disney decided that in order to better manage the influx of guests he…show more content…
MagicBand Background
The MagicBands produced by Disney were created seemingly out of necessity in order to ease the chaos of foot traffic within the Orlando theme park (Borkowski et al. 145). MagicBands were originally conceptualized by a small team of five engineers in response to a demand from the Walt Disney World Resort president to find a solution to the increasing issue of unreasonably long lines forming within the park (Borkowski et al. 148). The small team used the emerging wearable technology market as an inspiration for the bands; although, there were other ideas for what the wearable could have been such as a lanyard or a pair of Mickey Mouse ears (Borkowski et al. 148). In the end the MagicBand prototype that evolved into the band used today was greenlit by Disney company and partner heads for an estimated cost of one billion dollars (Borkowski et al. 148). MagicBands serve a major role as a proxy for Disney’s FastPass+ system; FastPass+ allows park visitors to book a ride at a specific time and skip the line. In addition to assisting the administration of the FastPass+ system, MagicBands evolved to serve as room keys in the Disney resort as well as a method of payment at various kiosks and shops around the park (Borkowski et al. 149-50). With the MagicBand’s versatility, Disney has inevitably integrated MagicBand functionality into its parks operations wherever it is practical to do so. With the increased use of the
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