Descriptive Essay About Disneyland

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When I was six years old, I wanted in the worst way to go to Disneyland. I would hope every year that my parents would choose Disneyland as our next family vacation destination. I dreamt of the day I would come back from Disneyland with exciting tales of adventure and a pair of sparkly, ruby red and black Minnie Mouse ears of my own that would be the envy of every kid in my elementary class. Once I finally went to Disneyland, it was amazing; Disneyland was everything I had expected and more. However, a couple years later when I returned to Disneyland, it was different. The rides, buildings, and the whole theme park did not have the same allure. The magic I had experienced as a child was no longer there.
When I first heard the news that my family was finally going to Disneyland, I instantly felt the adrenaline rush through every bone in my body, and I could hardly contain it. I immediately made a count down to keep track of how many days were left until I left. Each day I would leap out of bed to pull one of the blue decorated sticky notes off the refrigerator getting increasingly excited as the numbers dwindled. Until finally there was none left.
My dream had finally come true; I was at Disneyland. The second I stepped foot onto the amusement park’s property, I could feel the magic swirling all around me. As I raced through the crowds of people, young and old wearing Disney apparel and Mickey Mouse ears, I noticed every aspect of Disneyland was completely enchanting: the
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