Descriptive Essay About Doctor's Office

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I’ve seen disinfectant commercials where the customer is blindfolded and surrounded by garbage and asked, “Can you tell where you are right now?” The customer answers “It smells so good in here, is it a meadow or something?” Then the blindfold is removed and the customer is shocked, never imagining a room full of garbage could smell so clean. My doctor’s office is kind of like that commercial. It seems nice and pretty; it usually smells of some kind of disinfectant. This past year I’ve spent a lot of time at my doctor’s office. Sometimes I’d be there for hours, my phone would die and I would just sit there, looking around. It wasn’t until I started looking deeper that I realized I was surrounded; my doctor’s office is overflowing with metaphorical garbage; it’s a place to dump low income kids and their families. For ease of reading I will refer to my doctor’s office as Garbage Clinic. Garbage Clinic sits on the second floor of a large building. The first time I went to Garbage Clinic I got lost. It’s a large grey building with intimidating architecture; there are three sets of doors in the front of the building, but only one is ever unlocked. The first floor didn’t seem like a clinic to me. I was expecting old people and sick people. I was surprised when I didn’t see any little kids running around while their parents tirelessly try to corral them. Instead the facility seemed empty. I’ve always thought of the downstairs clinic as ‘Rich Clinic’. There’s a lone security guard

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