Descriptive Essay About Dogs

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Over the years, I’ve encountered hundreds of dogs during my runs. Most are friendly and simple behaving the way dogs have behaved forever. But, in those few times, that Little Fido wasn’t so friendly, you are forced to make a choice: either stand your ground (and maybe even go on the offensive) or else find some way to defuse the situation, which will ultimately lead to your escape.
My pet peeve (excuse the pun) is the dog owner who, as the unleashed dog is viciously barking, snarling and nipping hysterically at you, usually mere centimeters from your ‘private area’, will calmly say: “Oh he won’t bite.” Or “Don’t worry. He’s never bitten anyone before.” There’s a first time for everything and I don’t want to be some dog’s first time for anything.
As for Tim’s and my encounter with the dogs on our run, I would have never believed what happened unless I was there to witness it. Without breaking stride and without raising his voice, Tim began to tap the metal pipes together as we crossed in front of the driveway. The instant, the dogs heard the noise coming from the banging pipes, they stopped barking, came to a screeching halt at the base of their driveway, and simply stood there and watched us as we ran by.
Maybe it was the unique noise that the pipes made that did the trick, but for a very long-time afterward, whenever I ran with Tim, and he had those pipes, we never had another issue with a dog. The amazing part of those pipes was that all during that time, whenever he
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