Descriptive Essay About Driving

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Traveling from the Desert to Snow“Ham and egg, time to go!” says my dad. This is my wakeup call at three-fifteen in themorning. The yellow moving truck is already loaded in the driveway. I roll off the air mattress in my soon to be old room, stumble into the bathroom to partake in my morning relief. When I exit the bathroom to see my brother, eyes barely open. “Good morning” I say. He groans, as usual. I get dressed, comfortably, being prepared for a fourteen hour drive. Everybody is all set to makethe journey up north as a family. My parents, my twin brother and our two dogs. This trip is notexciting beyond all means because I have to leave my freshman year of high school mid-year tolive in a place I barely remember. Little did I know I…show more content…
Eating our breakfast fueling up for the rest of the journey towards our new home.We are in the mountains of New Mexico, night has fallen. The road is lit by the headlights of the moving truck and the half-moon above in the night sky. Driving along the interstate heading north semi-truck drive up next to us. Then proceeds to get into our lane, afterpassing us. Without notice the truck turns on a light that is located on the back of his cab facing our direction. The light is bright and white filling the cab of the moving truck. It feels like we are looking at the sun through a telescope. My dad know the message the truck driver is sendinghim. My dad flicks the switch for the headlights on and off. “Huh!?” says my father. “What is it?” I respond. “The lights don’t work.” He replies. He call mom, who was behind us. They come to an agreement to getting off at the next exit to exam the truck further. My mother and father exam the truck and discover that the low beam setting for the headlights do not work only the high beam. I tell my father “Maybe that is what the truck driver was trying to tell us. That ourlights were not on.” He replies “That could be it Bryce.” So with our high beams on and people thinking we are jerks, we continue our travels. Then all of the sudden traffic just stops and all I can see is vehicles and semi-trucks in the distance. We exit the interstate and pull into a Pilot gas
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