Descriptive Essay About Flowers

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What is so special about grass? Growing up in Holland, everyone had a yard of flowers in front of their house, but in America it is different; the yards are just one uniform track of green if they are not barren or the color of wheat, why? Flowers are beautiful and you nurture them like your own children. Grass is itchy and requires constant mowing that hurts your back.
This is what I think about, being driven down Gibson Street, because I do not want to think about where I am going or why I am going there, why I am even in this town; but of course I am now.
I turn to watch the apartments go by, each cheery and smiling, like their owners. Watching the world go about their merry lives, that is how I see it, my salvation. There are dozens of people planting in a garden, a garden! This will be my project, my hobby, the thing that gets me out of the house this year.
The taxi stops and I am forced to divert my mind from the garden to pulling out his payment, and what will happen when I step out of the car.
Inside the house, I know, are three children, the oldest is fourteen, all my responsibility. They are there, waiting for me when I walk through the door. All of them look desolate and worn down, I must remember that it was not just I who lost a daughter, they lost a mother too.
I planted snapdragons, pansies, and Dutch irises in the garden. I thought up an elaborate spiral design to plant them in and spent a week creating it, and adding pebbles on the edges and around
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