Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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I once believed that a strong friendship could withstand anything, but all it takes is a minor disagreement or sarcastic comment to ruin one. My best friend Michaela and I could hardly contain our excitement as we stepped out of my dad 's white convertible in front of the community building. We were wearing matching burgundy dresses for our friend Nancy 's quinceanera and the night had finally arrived. Nancy greeted us at the door where we marveled over her sparkly teal dress. We couldn 't wait to reunite the group of six friends who hadn 't been together in almost a year. One-by-one, the rest of our friends started to arrive. Carissa donned a gold dress and Heather had her blond hair pulled into a tight bun. Vanessa was the last to…show more content…
Later that night, Michaela and I were sitting outside, the cool September breeze a welcome relief from the stifling temperature and amount of tension I felt inside. I received a text from Carissa saying, “I’m in the bathroom with Heather and she wants to talk to you.” The knot of dread that had begun to loosen tightened once again. As we found our way back inside, we passed Vanessa, Emma, and Elijah. "Are you guys leaving?" I questioned, disappointed I hadn’t had to chance to talk to Vanessa the whole night. Vanessa merely nodded as Emma and Elijah kept walking. I pulled Vanessa in for a hug and for the first time in our three year long friendship, she didn 't reciprocate.
Approaching the bathroom, I was relieved to hear Carissa and Heather’s, although it subsided once Michaela and I crossed the threshold. "I 'm sorry for what I said. It was just a stupid joke and I didn 't mean for it to upset you." Heather sighed. “I know. I’m sorry I overreacted.” Although her statement seemed half-hearted, she offered a hug and I felt some of the weight lifted from my chest. She doesn’t hate me. We left the party around midnight and stayed at Michaela’s house for the night. When Monday rolled around, I decided to apologize to Vanessa.

“I’m so sorry about my bad attitude on Saturday. I was upset I didn’t get to talk to you because you were with Emma and Elijah the whole time.”

When she didn’t accept my apology, I saw a new Vanessa
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