Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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Bright lights and holding poses we smiled even bigger for the camera. This day was really important to me because I learned the importance of everlasting friendship. We were all tired, but we wouldn 't stop until we got the perfect picture. We took both videos and photos and hunted for the best spots in the yard. Even after sweating in the Indiana sun beating down on us, we still worked. Hours of editing and work gone into these photos and we finally picked 10 out of the hundreds. I might not have an Instagram yet, but soon I 'll have a few good pictures to start. “Let 's go, Mom!” I was ecstatic. I could feel my heartbeat in my chest. I was double and triple checking that I had everything. Let 's see, I brought my clothes, pajamas,…show more content…
We ran down to the door and saw Maddison. I haven’t seen her since last February at Hailey’s Birthday Sleepover, so I was nervous to see her again. We all went upstairs to put on the outfits. I started with what I was wearing, a red top with white jean shorts. Hailey went with a fall sweater outfit and Maddison wore an army green shirt and skinny jeans. We first started on the hammock. I went first while Hailey took the photos, then Maddison went, Hailey still taking photos. After that, I took the photos while Hailey posed on the hammock. Finally, we set up the phone to take a video of us all on the hammock and we’d screenshot the best moments later. We were sneaking away into the night. Maddison had gone to a Chicago Fire Game and wouldn 't be back until we had fallen asleep. Soft steps and cracking leaves, it was like we were on a heist. We slowly started up the steps and into the far back yard. We got a little louder until we were talking normally. We took our shoes off and got on the trampoline. It was springy and I could smell a barbeque farther off. We soon realized it was dirty and had leaves, nuts, and rocks on it. We started working right away, sweeping and picking up the pieces on the trampoline. As soon as it was halfway decent, we called over Kyle and Oliver to play Mummy. I volunteered to go first. I started fumbling around the trampoline hands out like a mummy. I realized that someone wasn 't on the trampoline. I opened my

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