Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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Friendship seems to be as fleeting as the gold in a sunset. Time after time it seems that watching a sunset dip back into its iris tinted grave for as long as I can, doesn’t make the tenebrosity that follows any less everlasting. Most people think of familiar faces when they think of friends, while I think of shades of that awful auric color slowly sifting through my hands as sand to an hourglass. It was a cold January morning. I jolted awake to the sound of my alarm blaring at me to emerge from my lifeless cocoon. I groggily prepared myself for the events this grey day had in store. Even the violets seemed ashen as they peered their heads out of the frost stricken ground. Tire hit pavement and spun their way up the tall driveway. My heart dropped further into my stomach with every knock chipping away the faded paint on that old oak door. When the door swung ajar it presented a familiar face, a face beaming with delight, the face of my best friend Jake. This day, was the last day I would ever have the privilege to see my pop-punk bud, as he prepared for the next chapter of his life. My face matched the expression on his as I saw the last little rays of light peer just over the rims of his aviator glasses.
“Hey dude, glad you could make it!” he said, with filled suitcase tucked behind the door. The close contact we had kept would soon be broken by thousands of miles of land between us, only to be traversed by the occasional weekly email.
I felt nothing that day. My mind

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