Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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Friendship-noun- A relationship between friends is the definition in the book, but friendship is so much more than that. It is trust, dependability, happiness, a shoulder to cry on and a face to smile at. Friendships are a bond between people that connect them on a deeper level than some can understand. Some friendships might be great but others might be toxic to your life and they are not meant to happen. When friendships come along in life, they may last for a day or they may last for a month, but only the best of friendships last for years. To start it all off we have to go back to the very beginning, kindergarten. Kindergarten was a great time for me in life. We had nap time and snack and got to play games every day. When storytime rolled around, I remember we read ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’. After that, we got our pictures taken and we glued them onto coconuts to hang up on the wall outside. I got mine done and went out into the hallway to put it up, but guess what, surprise! I'm too short. I can't reach the spot where I wanted to put my picture up at. Just my luck as a kid just starting out. I stand there for a bit, trying to figure out what to do and along comes Alaina. She just so happened to be the tallest girl in the grade (and she was for quite some time after that too on up through the grades). She came right on out and stuck her picture up on the wall, above where I wanted mine! I was astounded at her height for me only being the shorty I am. She asked me, “Do you need some help?” and I replied yes, so she put it up for me. After that she said, “Do you want to be friends?” and I said, “Sure!” and we stuck together like glue after that. We had so many good times together it was like we were sisters. We would sit on top of the jungle gym and ‘gossip’ about who knows what. Life was good. Some friendships don't have to be with classmates, they can be with your family too. That should be your most special bond, the bond with your siblings. I was blessed with having 2 older sisters to share their life experiences with me. When we were little, we would play dress up outside on our playset. Madison would always be the pirate, Makenna the Tinker Bell, gypsy, pirate, and I would be a basic princess. A

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