Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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A Mess of Contradictions
His name is Nathan, but most people call him Dille. He’s a quite a bit older and wiser than I, despite his arsenal of poor decisions that, miraculously, seem to end in his favor. At a first glance, he appears to be a sheltered, conservative homeschooler, but with a mere second look, it’s clear that he’s an accepting and somewhat reckless leader.
A particularly telling tale of his contradictory character begins on the back of a relentless tube. Our knuckles white with tension, we hung on for dear life as the death saucer heartlessly continued its pursuit of the boat. He was the more aggressive of the two of us, steering us into areas more treacherous than previously planned, attempting to kick me off the tube, and jumping us into the air, attaining heights that could only be described as less-than-safe.But, through the assault of bone chilling water, he turned to face me. Out of thin air his composure turned from exhilarated to purposeful, and unaware of where he was headed, I sat expectantly.
“Can we get serious?” he said.
I nodded.
He spoke with ease, and the water followed, seeming to understand the gravity of his sermon. And, on top of that tube that was previously emblematic of thrill, he spoke of leadership. True leadership.
He spoke of selfless love, and how a man who truly considers himself a leader would do anything outside of himself to benefit those following him. He spoke of times in his life when being a leader was a draining task,

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