Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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The pain of realizing that someone who you care for is bad for you hurts. Like a knife in the back, I wasn’t expecting to find out that the person who I thought could help me ford the river of my woes was the same person who destroyed the bridge to cross it. But then I realize, they came just as they left. I remember the first time I met them, I locked eyes with them and then had a battle of the wits, the winner to be crowned the bigger fan of Harry Potter. Much to my dismay, I lost. By a landslide. My defeat set aside, I realized that I enjoyed the ticks and tocks of this person’s inner workings. I realized that the hum of their gears sliding together matched with that of mine, and that maybe together we could make a symphony of hums,…show more content…
To me it was the sudden darkness of a child turning off the basement lights, then running up the stairs to avoid the monsters that lurked within. I had been scared by the new person in front of me. Gone was the person who I had arguments with over who knew more about a certain book, replaced by someone who while at their worst I couldn’t recognize. Instead of trying to fix the problem and help them like I would now, I lashed out at them for not being who I thought I was. How dare this person who I had memories of only good times with not be the happy person I knew? My fear of not recognizing the person in front of me lead to anger, and eventually my anger to hate. I hated this person for something that they couldn’t have hoped to have control over at their age, but the mind of the young and naive boy that I was didn’t know or care to know that. And to finish the cycle that started with my fear, eventually ended in suffering. I felt betrayed by one who I held dear, and I didn’t want to feel like that ever again. I decided that I wouldn’t let anyone get close to me because I couldn’t get hurt if there was never the possibility of danger. I decided that I wouldn’t care what people had to say about me or who I hurt in protecting myself, but this lead me to be emotionally closed off to others. I gave up the opportunity to connect with others and truly enjoy life just so I couldn’t be hurt again. I thought that this was the only

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