Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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Friendship, the act of always trusting, loving, and caring for another soul whether for the lust of not being lonely, or the idea of a good amount of support one gives to another. Starting the first day of school, or mine, if you ask. Coming back after New Year’s, 2nd grade, I must fit in, and not be alone. Wearing my coordinated outfit, a red plaid sleeved shirt topped with a black graphic shirt, matching along with a plaid (black) skirt, and red plaid leggings. The awaitning of walking into the school, the dirastic of changes in my routine. The feeling of being alone with no friends to confort, but a fresh start awaits for me into a new life, only 30 minutes away form my old home. Can’t bear to enter the curious and trntorouse place that lays there waiting for me. Standing outside my classroom door. Not able to meet my teacher because of a person problem the week before starting, I was confused and nervous. With my parents beside me, the feelin g of my teacher, mrs. Kruis, walking up to the door. Welcoming me in, with clessmates glazing at me there being, 36 fresh and judging new eyes, waiting to get to know me or waiting to curopte me into something I am not. My paretns telling me good bye, as I walk deeper into my class. Taking my seat behind a kid named, keegan a boy wearing pink socks, sat their looking straight as his seat could not see mine, he was facing he rbaord. Dismissed for lunch later that suspicious day. Sitting next to a boy who is so sweet, nice, and

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