Descriptive Essay About Game Boy

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A decade ago, in a two floors kindergarten located on the outskirts of Shanghai, in one of the junior kindergarten classrooms, there was me, sitting among twenty other kids. They were lightly chiseled on my memory stick, with the exception of this one unforgettable friend, Linda. Her words were like an onion; it endured time elapse to peel the violet leaves shielding the pure white bulb (simile). One morning, I hid the Game Boy in the safest spot under other toys in my backpack before I left home with a conceited smile blooming on my face. Game Boy, a trending game device, cost unreasonably expensive in China. Not many families in my neighborhood could afford to purchase one. As the clock ticked with both hands pointed to the ceiling, along with the jangle of tin bowls from the back kitchen, I unzipped my backpack in anticipation, and slipped my hand through the vacant spaces between my toys. Stretching my arms deeper, my hand did not feel any hard textured objects. The immediate apprehension twirled in my brain with doubt, then aggravated in the hubbub atmosphere. I surveyed the backpacks stacked neatly on top of the wardrobe like a mountain of gold (simile). I lifted the backpacks one by one with the bangs followed onto the hardwood floor. Unfortunately, no signs of my Game Boy appeared around the cabinet. I opened my mouth, intending to shout out, however, my courage was lost in the battle against my timidity. Instead, I observed the classroom as the other kids were
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