Descriptive Essay About Grandfather

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As he sat in his big round emerald green chair, the aroma of Old Spice filled my nose with every step I took towards him. As my grandma cooked in the kitchen, my grandpa and I would watch various Spanish channels on the television. Because my grandpa and I were the only ones who could understand Spanish, neither my grandma nor the rest of my family never joined us. As we sat in front of the television by grandpa begins giggling as he says in Spanish, “Maw maw’s new haircut makes her look like a crazy lady.” His sense of humor was even funnier because my grandma sat clueless at his joke. We laughed so hard my sides started to hurt, but his laugh was so contagious I couldn’t stop. My grandfather and I had a special relationship no one else in our family could match. As a young boy growing up in a family of nine children in Ecuador life was not easy. He was considered middle class, but this was still not enough to live comfortable. However, my grandfather knew the struggle was not permanent for him. He knew he was destined for more and was confident he would amount to something great. This confidence really inspired me throughout my life. At the age of twenty he decided to come to the US.
The United States instantaneously intimidated my grandfather. He was one of the youngest in his family to come to Louisiana. Therefore, he immediately went to UNO, he was surrounded by people who spoke no Spanish. My grandfather was forced to teach himself English and do well in school
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