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My Grandfather There have been many inspirational people in my life that I’ve come across. One who was a particular inspiration was my grandfather. He married my grandmother when I was at the age of five and had accepted all of her grandchildren from her previous marriage as his own grandchildren. With my mother and I only living a mile down the road from their farmhouse out in the country, I’d spent a lot of time there as a child. Indeed, I had been without a father but my grandfather stepped up to the plate and had taken me under his wing and played the role of a father figure. My grandfather had been a gruff looking man. You could tell he was strong and had a lot of pride by the way he carried himself. He had white whiskers on his face, that he shaved every morning and the signs of early balding. He was the cowboy type, always wearing plaid button-up shirts, bootlegged jeans, and cowboy boots to match. He was a hard-working man. He was gone most of the weekdays driving semi-truck across the country but living on the farm he seemed to always be busy doing something on his time off including feeding the horses, tending to the garden, riding four-wheeler around, finding odd jobs to do around the house, and always finding time to play with us kids. One summer my grandfather had to drive semi to New Mexico that would be roughly a week and a half long trek. I was finally old enough to be able to be a passenger! We drove through the Rocky Mountains and what a beautiful sight

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