Descriptive Essay About Growing Flowers

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Growing Flowers It was in the heat of summer with the steamy air and the scent of flowers. I sat in the back of my uncle’s rusted pickup truck on top of the lowered tailgate, the sun shining in the background. Beside me was my cousin, Alyssa. She was about ten at this time, her fiery red hair cut short, plastered to her forehead from sweat. A bright red coke sat in her hand, condensated water falling down its side. On Alyssa’s other side sat my sister, Shelby, following behind her at the age of nine. Her similar short hair was dark brown, shining from her own sweat with an identical red coke in her hand. I was far behind them at six. My hair was short too, struggling to grow long again since the year it was cut. A dark green sprite rested in my hand contradicting the red of the cokes. We sat there watching the employees run back and forth. Our grandparents own a small greenhouse business in the outskirts of Louisville. Alyssa’s dad, my uncle, ran the business with my grandparents. So being the beloved grandchildren, we were free to do whatever we pleased around the property. Just don’t harm the flowers, my grandfather always told us with a laugh, they only want to grow. So we sat there, thinking of unique ways to spend the day. We had already played hide-n-seek, climbed the stacks of bagged dirt, created childhood art on the bland walls of the greenhouses, and discovered new toys in the gigantic garage. I was enjoying my cold drink when Alyssa jumped off the
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