Descriptive Essay About Halloween

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Halloween. Halloween is a favorite time of year for many children. It is the time of year when the air gets crisp and the leaves get crunchy. All the warm smells of cinnamon and pumpkin come out, and the sticky, sweaty clothes are replaced with warm, cozy sweaters. Kids have been waiting all month for the one night where they can eat as much candy as they want, and talk to strangers! Everyone pities the kids who don’t dress up and pass out candy. But this year, they’re the lucky ones. It was Halloween night, 2016. Matthew and his friends were getting ready to go trick-or-treating. Matthew was super excited, Halloween was his favorite holiday. Matthew was in the 7th grade. He had bright blue eyes and auburn hair. He had freckles that covered the top of his nose, right about where his glasses sat down. His voice was somewhat deep, but still had that middle school puberty sound. He was about the height of his mother, but was still an ant when compared to his dad.

Matthew was 13 years old, it was his first year being an official “teenager.” He was hoping his parents would let him go out with his friends instead of being babysat by his parents. His friends have been making fun of him for a couple of years now, for they had been allowed to go by themselves since they were eleven. This year, Matthew made the executive decision, go with his friends, or don’t go at all. But it all lied in the hands of his parents

“It’s now or never.” Matthew thought. “Try to act as mature as
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