Descriptive Essay About Having A Dog

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At the young age of 14, I fell in love for the first time. Although not ideal, he was white, covered with brown spots and innocent eyes; a young Chihuahua. Max and I came into each other’s lives on October 20, 2013, when my older brother told me that a dog was coming home soon. Although I was afraid of dogs, having previously been bit by one, I was oddly excited, and kept glancing at my phone and at the window for the arrival of the new member to our family. Once the duo arrived, my whole life would change. As my brother placed the small creature down, he came running towards me with his small wagging tale and innocent eyes. Once he began to lick my feet I knew I was in love. Our family settled on the name Max, but I called him Marco, and from then on I would treat Marco as if he was my true blood brother. This one lone puppy, taught me responsibility, compassion, and grief for others, as no other person has ever made me feel.
Dogs are known for their gentle souls and friendliness, but they also teach humans unexpected lessons; such is the same for Marco and my family. Having a dog is no easy task, from the beginning Max created the label of being a handful. When my cousin first picked him up, he began to urinate on her which generated a lot of laughter and disgust at the same time. I was tasked with a lot of chores such as cleaning him, feeding him, and taking him for walks around the neighborhood. Bathing Max and wetting a cat both produced the same results: water
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