Descriptive Essay About Love

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I believe in going out on Saturday nights. I believe in the frost from my breath visible the cold air, the squish in my soaked shoes from inches of rain, and the hair on our arms raising from fear of the zombies being paid to scare us in the haunted house. I wouldn’t change the rain hitting against my windbreaker or the cold sweat for anything. Okay, I know what you’re asking yourself: Am I about to read another cliche, teenaged romance? No, this isn’t a story of how I met my boyfriend or a proclamation of my love, this is about the cold, hard truth: life is unpredictable and you can’t do anything about it. You constantly think you’ve got your life all planned out. Suddenly, you’re blindsided and you don’t know what to do; but, I know exactly what to do. My thoughts throughout these three dates might give you a big step in the right direction, if you let them. For our first date, he picked a haunted house. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t know if going out would be a one-time deal or if it would continue until the sun is melting your sneakers to the sidewalk and we’re going out getting ice cream in Chicago. Heck, I could’ve ended up six feet under for the Halloweens thereafter. Newsflash, I’m still alive. I survived through him pulling up into my driveway and through my mother shaking his hand. I felt numb but maybe it was just the rain pelting against my windbreaker; maybe it was how cold the seat of his car was; maybe even the fear from the way he drives

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