Descriptive Essay About Love

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I stepped out of the cool, air conditioned movie theatre and into the muggy heat of summer. My face ws so red it practically matched the heat outside. I had just had my first kiss at 18. The kiss that girls both dread and dream about at the same time. Waiting to be 18 till having your first kiss seems like a long time, but I always believed I wouldn’t even have anything remotely romantic happen to me in high school, so 18 is fine with me. I had never had a crush on a guy or even entertained the idea the one would like me. I would often hear sermons about how some people are not meant to get married and live a life of solitude. I prayed to God every night that I was not one of those people. No matter how aloof and uninterested I seemed on the outside about romance, on the inside I LOVED it. I would read every romance novel and watch every romantic movie or show I could get my hands on. I lusted after being the female lead; to find my person was my dream. I looked up at Mike, the boy I had just kissed, and immediately looked back down to fiddle with my jacket instead. I was too nervous, ecstatic, and confused all at the same time. I wanted to call my best friend and scream about it on the phone for hours. Until I heard four little words, “We need to talk.” Those four words meant something was wrong and suddenly I wished I could bury my head in the ground like an ostrich and disappear. “Look at me.” He pleaded. I refused to look up, looking up meant defeat and facing

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