Descriptive Essay About Love

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Axel, I’m aware you’re disappointed to the fact that I can’t seem to move on from you... I can’t sit here and lie saying that I haven’t tried because sadly i have, ive tried talking to other people & going out on dates to see if i can somehow seem to fall in love again and take a step forward to moving on from what we had but i cant seem to shake off the memories that we shared. I cant just start with someone else, because who will be there to buy me food & have me eat it because he’s aware how ashamed of my body i am that i starve myself, no other guy will like the way how i hide myself behind a shadow and bury my feelings because i feel like a bothersome, other guys will see me with knots in my hair, a wrinkled tee shirt in the morning all bright eyed and unorganized and see me as a mess but to you at one point i was beautiful at any moment of the day... i dont want another guy having his lips where yours used to be. I would hate to have another guy to listen to my awful singing and annoying whining, no guy will understand where my scars came from, why i flinch when someone gets too close to me, or how i break down in tears when everything is falling apart... i dont want other guys taking the place that you once had... Each day i say how im over you and i feel nothing towards you but deep down it hurts me that i lie to everyone and try to make myself believe that stupid lie when deep down its nothing but the opposite. Only the closest person to my heart has seen me

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