Descriptive Essay About Love

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Chapter Eleven The next three weeks raced by as Caroline floated in a happiness bubble. Every day Nico called or texted and she responded with cute flirty messages. It was stupid to get attached to someone who might walk away but she couldn’t help herself. The morose man who refused to share was replaced by a man who said all the right things to make a girl blush and laugh at the same time. Each day she fell more in love with him. She wondered more than once why he was single, but she never asked. The limited time they carved out to be together hadn’t been wasted with idle chat. They hadn’t seen each other for more than a few hours since their first night. Nico insisted on taking her out on dates. Which meant they’d had sex in three different restaurant bathrooms, twice in her car, his truck once and a lot of heavy petting at the movie theaters. Not the most romantic settings, but both of their schedules were insane. Hockey took up most of his time and when he was home and not at the rink she was playing music. The band had picked up two regular gigs at local clubs and they were in the studio recording an album. A record company expressed interest and wanted to hear some original songs. Things were coming together on a professional level. There weren’t any bad feelings between her and Brody. He flirted but he hadn’t crossed the line again. Caroline couldn’t have been happier, except for the secrets eating away at her conscience. The timing hadn’t been right, but as the weeks disappeared her guilt mounted. Each time she mustered the courage to bring it up when they got together, he’d kiss her and all discussion vanished. Keeping secrets was tiring and she didn’t want to do it for another minute. Nico returned to the city late last night and they had a date. She had no intention of putting it off any longer. As that time loomed closer, the fear Nico might disappear cloyed at Caroline. It nipped at the heels, threatening to pop the bubble she’d created. Her father had noticed something, but she’d managed to play it off as nothing. She tried to keep the pep out of her step when he was around, which was constantly. When the team travelled that’s when he made time for his daughters. They got his undivided attention.

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