Descriptive Essay About Love

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Soft, white sand runs through my toes like corn silk as I lounge in my self-made recliner. With a smile, my thoughts tumble back on this morning. I was standing in front of the counter; my fingers pruned in soapy water, when my husband approached me from behind. He wrapped his long arms around my waist and whispered in my ear, “How would you like to see the ocean today?” Since our move to Texas mere months ago, I have longed to fulfill my life-long dream. I turned to hug him with excitement, dish soap trailing down his back from my hands.
In a flurry of excitement, we packed picnic items, towels, and extra clothes, and an hour later we crept our dusty, black jeep down the driveway. “Wait! I forgot my wallet!” I exclaimed, just as the
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Dozens of giant trees, skirted with ruby mulch, cast a golden-tinged canopy across the sward. My husband returned, pulling me out of my reverence. “Didn’t you go in yet?” he asked. As I shook my head and took off, he yelled after me, “Hidey-ho; let’s go!” I giggled and picked up my pace.
We finally reached our destination city, and I kept smacking my husband, pointing to all the odd waterways. I glanced from one body of water to another as we traveled over many tall bridges toward the ocean. I sat on my feet trying to absorb the colossal panorama. As far as I could see, dozens of small bodies of water pooled the area below us. Some were verdant, green marsh lands, while others were blue, crystalline river bays.
We were getting closer. I knew, because the road was narrowing dramatically, and white sand spilled over the granite on both sides of the lane. We slowly climbed a particularly sandy path, and as we crested the hill, there it was. My confusion was clearly evident to my husband, and as we drove onto the beach, he asked me what was wrong. I could not make my mind understand what I was seeing. I have never seen anything so big. How could I tell my husband that I was looking at not one sky, but many, many skies, sewn together by a great Creator. How could I tell my husband that I was not looking at a large lake, such as the Great Lakes I grew up with, but that I was trying to figure out how many lakes I was seeing;

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