Descriptive Essay About Love

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It’s a cold October evening, the sun low in the sky, the moon rising the east. I sit on the edge of some railroad tracks, dilapidated wood struts creaking under the weight of rusty metal beams and abandoned train cars. There’s the sound of a languid stream 20 or 30 feet below me, running perpendicular to the tracks. I look to my left, down the tracks and into the distance, remembering the many days and nights spent here with her. We’d look to the sky at night and talk about the stars, or sit in the shadow of the cars on hot summer days. All that remained of those golden memories was the eerie sound of emptiness, a brash juxtaposition against the happy days gone by. She and I were so close, a friendship forged in the fires of adolescence…show more content…
There’s excitement, but also uncertainty. There’s the overwhelming desire to get the show on the road, but also trepidation building in your gut. In life, we always feel contradicting emotions or desires, pushes and pulls and ebbs and flows that we can’t live with and we can’t live without. I walked through those hallowed halls at Amelia Middle School half a decade ago uncertain but excited, alert but fatigued by the gravity of the day. I didn’t make any friends or get on anyone’s good side, but I did fall in love. There was this gorgeous girl, blonde hair and hazel eyes with a crooked nose and a mouth full of metal that would gleam when she smiled. She approached me without reason and introduced herself to me. I was in considerably less shape back then, with ripped jeans and a Call of Duty hoodie and wavy hair that was much too long, but I suppose I was inviting to this girl. She and I quickly became inseparable, but separated we were upon my expulsion and relocation from Amelia halfway through the school year. The transition from elementary to middle school was a rough transition for me, considering my brother had recently become addicted to drugs and dropped out, and my mom still worked two jobs to make ends meet. My dad usually left for work before I woke up and got home after I’d fallen asleep, so I only had my coke sniffing, womanizing brother to look up to and

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