Descriptive Essay About Love

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It was a warm summer day. I was on my way to visit my best friend in South Florida. I had planned on stopping in my old town of Flowery Branch, Georgia and take my ex-girlfriend Courtney and her family to dinner. I haven’t seen Courtney in almost five years but we have talked everyday. This was a girl whom I had seen myself growing old with and her the same. We dated for 2 years before I moved a couple states away. I had feared one day our love would fade but life made it clear that despite our time apart the love only grew. I pull up to their home and ring the door-bell. I was so anxious to see her beautiful face and amazing figure I could barely contain myself. The door slides open and there she is, more beauty than I had ever seen on any women, with lips full of life and eyes that could cut diamonds. We locked eyes and I stood frozen for I had no words. She is truly stunning. “Oh my god! You’re here!” she says with a smile that seemed to turn the night to day before leaping into my arms. After a long warm hug, the kind I missed and mourned over for so many years, her parents came into frame. They both loved me. Infact from what I’ve heard and have observed I am the only boy in Courtney’s life they approved of. “Shall we?” Mrs. Bailey says with a smile. It is clear where she gets her beauty from. “We shall” I respond walking to my car. They climb in and we’re off. I stop at a gas station up the street for a pack of cigarettes and some gas. After all is set and done

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