Descriptive Essay About Love

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I looked outside, I admired the stars and how carefree they were, just floating in the sky, shining moving along carelessly as if nothing could go wrong. I love how they can be so at peace with each other. I was envious of it. I always come out onto the porch in the night when I have spare time. I like to sit and just admire in awe at how beautiful and peaceful the earth is, and yet it created such reckless bests to accompany it. I took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly, taking everything in. Loving every little thing. Every moment. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined flying, high above the trees, the clouds and out into space, floating without care among the stars. I had only been outside for around ten to fifteen minutes before I jumped startled by the Big Bang that came from the house followed by silence, and then bellowing laughter. I chuckled lowly when I realized it was just my brother tripping over a shoe, as he got up noticeably embarrassed and dusted off his shirt trying to find any dignity that he had left. I watched him as he ran up the stairs face tomato red, as if he was going to cry. I waited a moment before walking up the stairs to find him in the corner of his room. I walked over to him and sat beside him on the floor. Not having said anything, we both sat there. My brother and I understood each other. And knew when we needed someone or when we just needed space. When I was sure that he had calmed a bit and was ready to talk, I opened the conversation “don’t worry buddy, it’s just some of dads friends. And everyone has their slip ups. It’s human nature. Don’t fret about it.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes “they aren’t just dads friends, they were moms too, and there hanging out in our house like nothing ever happened! It’s not fair! Human nature sucks!” I softened my look so he knew I was talking from the heart “Hey, don’t talk like that. I know that it’s hard buddy, I know. I loved mom as much as you. I know it’s difficult to imagine these people walking amongst our house without acknowledging the fact that mom is gone. I understand buddy. I know that mom would want us to enjoy the party though. Much less cry over her.” He looked up at me “you said loved. You said you

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