Descriptive Essay About Makeup

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Women have been wearing makeup for years. Throughout the years, I transform myself into celebrities I look up too. To transform into a character, I need the proper makeup tools to help me look like Angelina Jolie. The tools I need are makeup brushes: contour brush, eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush. Transforming my face into a well-known celebrity challenges my skills. To transform my face, I see my characteristics are similar to Angelina Jolie. I identify my face to see if the transformation is possible. I need defined cheeks because Angelina Jolie’s cheek bones is her most prominent feature. The cheeks must be high and well defined. Defining the cheeks, I choose a medium brown shade of eyeshadow or bronzer. The forehead is the second most important feature to create. Angelina Jolie has a long, narrow forehead, as mine is wide. Having the medium brown shadow on my temples it creates shadows. I create the illusion of a long forehead. After identifying my features, I am ready to start my transformation. The alterations for my face will take time to prefect. It will take an hour or longer to do. I might have to attempt the look a few times until I get it right. When I perfect the look, I am ready to start. Next, I clean my face to have a clean canvas. Then moisturize my face so the makeup does not look cakey. Now time to collect my makeup supplies. The conversion of my face is ready to perceive.

The figuration is ready to start. I have the right makeup choices to
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