Descriptive Essay About Mickey Mouse

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I remember it like it was yesterday; my heart was beating and I could hear and feel it, I had determination on my face and in my mind and it felt good. My determination was to beat my younger brother to the top of the tree in our side yard I almost never climb the trees in our yard for the fear of falling out; which has happened before when we went apple picking which did not end well on my part of climbing in those apple trees. But we were getting ready that nice sunny morning in the summer. I remember the nice sunshine heat on my face and the cool winds coming from the East and it was just exhilarating. I told my brother Michael “I bet you five bucks you can’t beat me to the top of that tree!” pointing at one in the yard. I knew he would do it because he would want the money and he always wanted to one up me.
So we were setting up and talking smack to one another, names being changed to something else although I deflected all of his I came up with the nickname of Mickey Mouse. Funny thing is that nickname stuck around through that day and not his real name Michael. So we are all prepared to do it and we are at the bottom of the tree. I noticed that there was a cinder block at the bottom of the tree and I said “Mickey better not fall on that.”. And that was a dumb thing to say as to I should have just moved it so there was no possible way it could happen. But I was just a fifth grader who did not think through things.
Michael said “ I don’t need to worry about it, you're

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