Descriptive Essay About Middle School

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Have you ever wanted to be popular so bad that you can do anything for it? Well of course you have! Ever since the beginning, people have wanted to survive. So, when they reach middle school why should it be any different? All my life I have always wanted to fit in and be “popular”. But on that terrible day, I realized that it’s not worth it.

The day had started out as any would usually go. It was so cold outside I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. My ears were full of the complaining wind wishing I wasn’t there. I walked up to the school doors feeling like I had recently woken up.

“ GOOD MORNING!” I heard someone call as I walked in. I cringed at how loud it seemed. But, as I walked away and the good mornings faded I felt empty and tired.

“ Ashna!” My friends came yelling at me. “ You need to see this!”

I felt myself drag along as she pulled me.

“ What is it?” I asked. Hoping that I sounded annoyed.

“ Keep waiting,”

As I swerved and dodged shelves and water fountains for the next few minutes we finally got to where we had to be. We had finally found … the gym?

“ WHY ME!” I heard someone sob from inside the gym.

“ Come on!” My friend urged as she pushed me inside.

“Great!” I thought as I looked inside to the the “ Popular Posse”. These were the girls who “dated”, straightened their hair, and put on makeup in sixth grade. And unfortunately, even though I looked like I hated them, all I wanted was to be them.

“ Does he even like me?!” cried Alyssa, the leader of

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