Descriptive Essay About Moreton Island

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A Holiday Heaven Right Here In Australia: Making Moreton Island Your Next Vacation Stop

There aren 't a lot of down-to-Earth, but still extraordinary places to visit on holiday anymore. You 've either got opulent and expensive extravagance or you can rough it on economy. In Australia, though, you get the best of both worlds: Kicking back and enjoying yourself, while surrounded by exotic sights and extraordinary experiences. You simply have to make Moreton Island your next holiday stop, here 's why.

All About Moreton Island

This stunning island is but a quick 35 km from Brisbane, Australia and despite all it has to offer, it 's only 36 km from end-to-end. A full 98 percent of the isle is protected under the guise of National Park
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You can cool off in the surf every now and then and stretch your legs on the sandy coast without seeing a vehicle or nearly any other sign of the "real" world.


Along the eastern path of Moreton, there 's nearly 40 km of exploring waiting for you, from the North Point all the way to Reeders Point. The North Point features a rocky terrain, while Reeders is covered in soft sand. The cape is peppered with rocky areas to explore, or if you prefer the inland, there are plenty of natural lakes and wildlife.

Frolic With Dolphins

If you 've ever dreamed of lapping up the waves while being serenaded by a dolphin or two, this is the place to do it. There are feeding tours, where you can get up close and personal with these friendly swimmers and many photo-ops, where you can take selfies with one of the most intelligent ocean faring creatures. The dolphins make Moreton Island truly unforgettable.

Try Seeing The Sights Via Snorkeling

Scattered around the island are many exciting shipwrecks you can snorkel up to and around, but you could also just investigate the sea creatures and scenery underwater, too. If this is something you 've never done before, fear not, as there are professionals who can show you how it 's done.

Sand Sledding?

The island also has many dunes, some of which are quite steep; visitors brave enough will partake of these sandy slopes on a toboggan, as offered up by the locals. The ride is fast and furious, though, so don 't try it too soon after

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