Descriptive Essay About My Aunt

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All I’ve ever wanted is for my aunt to be here with me. When I was in the 5th grade growing up in Spanaway, WA I wish I could see my aunt more because she was nice, funny, super fun to play with she has been with me since day 1. I really loved to hang out with her, she would watch me play my WII and she would come over to family dinners the reason I couldn’t see her often because she lives in Alaska. I hope I can see her someday and just run up to her and jump on her and give her a big hug. Also I like to watch…show more content…
Instead of getting to bed on time I went in my closet and started crying. Not the best day ever. Like normal I went to brush my teeth and hair before bed and then went back to bed and then I went and got a drink of water, then I noticed I forgot to say Goodnight, so I went to the living room where my granny and papa were and said Goodnight and right before I was about to go back to bed my granny stopped and I Just wanted to let you know that Aunt Martha Died Granny said Noooo!!!!!!! I said . The I went back in my room, climbed up my ladder to the top bunk and I had a melt down and when I settled down a little bit I went to get a tissue and then went to the kitchen and got another drink of water after that I went to the bathroom and saw that my face was as red as a tomato so I got a washcloth and put a little bit of cold water on it and washed my face. After I was done washing my face I went to my room laid down trying to get some rest, but it was so hard in my head there was a voice saying Did, this really just happen and also I was thinking about all the enjoyable times we had together like her coming to family dinner her playing outside and her giving me
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