Descriptive Essay About My Birthday

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Friday,October 13, my birthday. Thunder booming, lightning flashing as I came out of school. I was running as fast as a jet plane through puddles of water splashing on me, trying to get home. The rain was hitting the ground with a soothing sound and as I turned around the corner,, I slowed down. The trees were like a giant umbrella, protecting me from the rain. I was in thinking as I walked peacefully when a giant boom of thunder shook me from my thoughts. I looked up and realized I was home. I walked in the back door and carefully stepped in looking around. I guess my parents had to work late that night because no one was home. Halloween was soon so all of our decorations were up and it seemed like they were staring at me as I…show more content…
I slowly walked into the kitchen and looked around. Then I saw it, the skeleton was outside clinging on the backdoor, his bony jaw moving up and down laughing at me. I started backing up slowly towards the hallway that led to the stairs. I was almost there when I turned around and heard another crash. The back door flew open and the skeleton was gone. I slammed the door and sat on top of the table so I could see what could happen. I decided to call my parents to tell them what was going on but no one answered. Then I decided to call my neighbor to see if anything was happening to her house. Hands shaking, I picked up the phone and called her number. It was silent except the ringing sound in my ear. “Hello” I heard a soft voice. “Hey are you home?” I said panicking in a worried tone. “Yeah why?” “Strange things are happening over here , is your power out?” “No, do you want to come over?” And then it happened. The lights started flashing on and off, creepy clowns with big red noses and pale white faces pounding on the windows, and ugly monsters stomping in the door. This time I screamed so loud that you could hear me from across the world. I was running as fast as I could to find a hiding place, and like a miracle, I found an empty cabinet just my size. I squeezed my body in just enough for the door to shut. “Hello. Are you there?” I heard from my hand. I looked down and realized my phone

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