Descriptive Essay About My Birthday

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As my curly-wavy long brown hair lands back on my back from grabbing the nice warm, airy croissant with the sweet smell of warmth and honey butter hits my nose. I knew my brother was not as smart as he seems. Early that day I get in the car I see my brother's brown hair and blue-green eyes behind his glasses. Then I seem my dad's dark brown-gray hair say “Happy Birthday” “Thank You” I responded hoping that tonight will make my dad better. As I'm in the car opening a present excepting something I really wanted the opening to find a bottle of vanilla. As a joke a got a bottle of vanilla for my birthday. This day has just gotten worse I think as I remember early that day when I wasn't feeling good and having really bad cramps. My friend saying she would come over that day and we would go get ice cream but as I was laying in my bed in my soft bed with my blank over my body, as the light from the inside reflects off my iPad to add happiness and brightness to my room. At 4 o’clock I look back at all the chalk me and my neighbor had fun breaking, as the dust from the chalk float up in the air like a big fluffy cloud, my hands look like a rainbow as just landed in my hands. Waking me up from my daydream is a call from my friend asking to get ice cream. When I finally head up with my neighbors, I see my friend is not there alone my expression drops in my head hiding behind my perfect smile. I see my friend went to skyzone with her other friend when she knew it was my birthday

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