Descriptive Essay About My Car

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I needed to go to the store so bad that I called Hanna to see if I could borrow her car and we could have dinner. It was a rainy fall night and I could barely see out of the window. It was about a week ago when I was in the accident and Hanna still haven’t forgiven me. As I was leaving a local grocery store, backing the vehicle very slowly and carefully out of the very small parking lot. My car is facing south and I looked both ways just to make sure it was clear. The rain was coming down so hard that I barely could see. As I check all my mirrors I see that a vehicle waiting for my parking spot. As I began to back up, I see the driver give me a signal that everything is clear. So I continue to back up out of the parking spot. Suddenly, all I heard was a big boom. It was a black SUV that ran into the back of me. I have never been in an accident before. This is Hanna’s car, not mine. I hope my friend does not get in trouble. It wasn’t my fault I plead. I put the car in park to make sure that everything was ok with the people who ran into me. I prepared myself to inspect the damage. They said that I back up into them, but clearly the person singled me to cum out and that it was clear. They came out of nowhere. I looked both ways and the lane was clear for me to back up. They were rushing to get to a spot and didn’t see me backing up. Not paying attention or having their seat belts on. I saw that when I asked if everyone were ok. The witness that was waiting for my parking…

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