Descriptive Essay About My Childhood

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My childhood was never something that seemed to be a typical boy’s childhood. I never watched sports as kid since the T.V. channel was dictated by my parents so all we watched were shows like Law & Order, CSI, and Fear Factor. I never learned about cars whatsoever and talking about girls always perplexed me. I never understood how someone could base their feelings about someone based off physical appearances, but that could just be because I was very pessimistic and was always very distant of people in general. Video games are something that I loved to play and was something I thought would be a normal guy thing. While I had played video games, they mainly consisted of Nintendo games which are generally much more docile than games than…show more content…
They all tried to their best to include me in the conversation by asking my opinion on their discussion. While the discussion was trained on football one of the upperclassman asked, “So Nick, who’s your favorite team?” When I replied that I had no clue they tried a different question. “Oh, well, which Halo games have you played? Have you played Halo 3?” This question really threw me because it ran on the assumption that I had played games from the Halo franchise. I told them that I had never heard of Halo and the amount of shock that could be seen in their face was astounding. It felt like I was an anomaly in society, that I was raised incorrectly. Despite me being a guy I had no knowledge on any of the “guy stuff” that they were talking about. I had never realized that they gender stereotypes in something as basic as conversational topics and things that they should be well versed in. It’s something that seems absurd to think that society thinks that people are born with some kind of innate knowledge about the frivolous things of our society based off their gender. This type of expectation is often seen throughout society. Gender roles are normally seen as physical traits, per se. Most stereotypes are thought to pertain to what a person is expected to do or look like, such as a woman being a housewife or a man looking like a brawny lumberjack. While these are things that can easily be
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