Descriptive Essay About My City

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Our town is more home to us than our actual house. We make so much memories around town, whether it’s dining out with the family at a local restaurant or learning how to ride a bike at our local park to spending our first paycheck at the local mall. Our town is very precious and we often take for granted, what a privilege it is to live in a place where so much is accessible to us. We often oversee all the little things our town offers like the stores, the parks, the many street lights that keep our town well lit, and the well paved roads. Today I will discuss the description of my town, the people that make up my neighborhood, and the perks of living in Orland Park.
Orland Park is a southwest suburb in Illinois. It is a well known town due to it’s many fine dining restaurants, shopping centers, and great school district. Orland Park is a busy town and to fit the needs of the people, the busiest street was just remodeled. Lagrange Road was just remodeled and widened into a three lane road in each direction. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation website, “The project cost ninety-five million dollars and took three years to complete.” Now there is a brick median in the road that is filled with trees, flowers, and small bushes. On the southbound side of LaGrange Road there is a walking trail, that is also used as a biking trail. Most of the shopping centers and buildings all have the same design. The buildings consist of tan colored bricks and long but narrow
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