Descriptive Essay About My Day

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It was the beginning of a new day, I was out in the streets and I begged for food, it was harsh for me. I felt very sad but didn’t know why I was sad. That morning I was sick and didn 't feel as good. I had ragged clothes one with no underwear. I just had a shirt on and it had couple holes on it. I didn 't know what to think in that moment but all I thought was when am I getting food. I was scrawny, and dirty. Last night had been a horrible night, like every night, we barely got any money that night, we only got a few cents. If we were lucky we would get five dollars and my mom had enough to buy my siblings and I food. My mom tried to get money and did everything to get food. That morning we ate from the garbage and got leftover food…show more content…
“Hey Angillo”, said my mom in a calm voice, “ We are going to our grandma’s house today.” “Yay!” I exclaimed I liked going to my grandma’s house because she had food and a house to stay in. My grandma lived in a house that was along side of the beach. It was nice there, I’ve been there only once and that was when around three. We stayed in our spot until we got money for the a jeepney. The jeepney was like a bus, but it had a door in the back instead of the side. We stayed in our spot for a while, for at least a couple hours. While my mom and I was trying to get money my older siblings went to get lunch and didn 't want to go to my grandma’s. I was the only one with my mom, About two and half hours we finally got the money for the jeepney. We started walking there, and we stop in couple different places to get food because we were really hungry. We stopped at this place where there was a bunch of homeless people, there were hovering over a place where there was clean water and we could drink out of from. Right after that we headed to jeepney place where we could get picked up. Once we got there I was already tired because of my little legs, I couldn 't keep up. I got into the jeepney and my mom got it. The whole bus was so crowded. There were a bunch of people on there, it was scary for me because there were so big. They were people on there that would fight because they had to

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