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In the silent neighborhood of Beall Avenue in Rockville, the alarm echoed for the fifth time to alert me that it was about five AM in the morning. It was June eighth, the day that I had been anticipating since I began ninth grade four years ago. High school graduation was finally here. My best friend and I got up quickly and started our day. Agnes applied foundation on my rough face and filled in my eyebrows. My lips were painted with rosy mauve and my smooth cheekbones illuminated. My hair was curled and I was ready to leave my best friend’s house. The birds chirped and slow R&B jams played from my car speakers as I made my way to my place. I parked my car, turned the lock, and witness a mess before me. No one was ready.
The night
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At the station platform, there was a sea of diverse faces, some carrying a conversation, and some who were listening to their early morning tunes. Many were in suits carrying a briefcase on their side while I was with my flowy white dress, four-inch black heels, and a black bag that I held in my hand, standing next to my family.
The platform lights were blinking, signaling the metro was arriving shortly. Once it docked, the door opened for some to get off, and some to get in. I had already discerned through the metro’s transparent windows that it barely had space for my family and I. The riders inside were firmly grasping the pole for support, standing close to each other. My parents had decided then to wait for the next train. I agreed and we were on the lookout for the next one.
About ten minutes later, another metro had finally appeared, and this one had standing room for the four of us. It was not unexpected that there would be no seats and we were left standing with no choice but to appreciate the bittersweet ride on that pleasant morning.
I grasped tightly to the bar, as I stood in my four-inch heels trying to hide my annoyance. My feet were throbbing in pain and there was nothing more that I needed at that moment than a seat. A seat, that would have comforted me and put my uneasiness to rest. I kept glancing over at my phone to check the time and saw that time was nearing. I did not utter a single word through the train ride until we arrived at DuPont Circle. I

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