Descriptive Essay About My Dog Friend

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My Dog, Cookie

Today is the day when my life changed. My best friend is gone and I have no one to play with. I was really sad. I didn’t know what to say nor think. In school I was distracted. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt warm tears running down my cheek again and then I realize I was crying. I whipped my face feeling the warm tears on my hand. Mom picked me up early because I was crying, a lot but I didn’t want to go home because I knew he would not be there. I wish he would come back. I want him with me and I burst in tears again. This is the story of when I lost my dog friend. I was so excited for tomorrow. I was jumping on my bed cause I was so excited. I didn’t want to sleep until my mom came in. She told me to go to bed or I
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What kind of pet? Are they serious? Is it dog? Do they trust us with the pet? What should we name him? It was around 4:30 when they left and around 7:20 when they came back. When they left they told us that they were going to pick up something at my aunt’s house. We ask what it was and they said it was clothes and dishes they bought. Finally they came back with a box. It was covered with white and red gift wrap and it also had a big, white, shiny bow. It was a gift. My parents put the box on top of the little table we had in the the living room. My brothers and I sat around the table. We patiently waited for the to tell us what was in the box. “Open it”, they said in a calm voice. To be honest at that time I was a little nervous.I didn’t know what was in the box. What is in there? I ask so many time in my mind. Is it going to jump at me? Finally I opened it. It was small, white and it was also sleeping. I really couldn’t tell what it was so I started touching it and it woke up, the small animal woke up. His eyes were big and black. His nose, mouth and tail were small, everything was small. “IT’S A PUPPY!” My brothers and I were full of joy and excitement. We finally had a puppy, our own puppy! We said thank you to our parents. I carefully took out the puppy out of the box and slowly put him on the floor. We started playing with him and teaching him skill like roll over and other things, but he since he was just a baby we just played with him, until something came
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