Descriptive Essay About My Dog

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Vincenzio Olson Presswood Accelerated English I looked at my dog and made eye contact with his large brown eyes. Time seemed to slow down as I read his eyes like an open book. I still remember the look today, while I was laying on the couch next to him. It was the most terrifying sight I’ve ever seen. My dog, my best friend, and the only thing to trust me with everything calmly could show that he had accepted death. For me though he was still could wagging his tail for us. The night I saw this was October 22nd at 8:02 PM. This dog changed my entire perspective on life. He was a dog that could instantly make a room bloom as a flower would, but with joy. He loved life and those around him and that caused us to love him so much. I used to…show more content…
I was thinking about how Journey must feel. Journey had a cancerous tumor the size of a baseball in him. It was in a horrible spot, right on where is small intestine meets his large intestine. My dog would need to be out down or else he would starve to death. After I finished eating and cleared my place, I pulled out Journey’s dish. Everyday I tried to feel him a little of something to eat but the only thing it seemed he could keep down was broth. Plain, smelly, brown, beef broth. Today, he only ate a little barely two spoonfuls and nothing else. Journey was too sick to eat. I remember a week or so earlier when my mom came home after bringing Journey home from the vet. There were so many tears that day. She told me that Journey had a tumor where his large and small intestine met. The tumor was baseball sized and because of its size, was blocking part of his digestive system. Basically, Journey was going to starve to death if we didn’t put him down. The shards of memory from that day rushed back to me as Journey refused to eat anymore. “Come on big guy!” I said as I ushered Journey upstairs. As he struggled to get up the stairs onto his designated spot, it scared me that he went from being an energetic, hyper dog into this.I didn’t know how to feel, I just felt like a shell, empty,emotionless, lost on an island where I’ve never been, alone. I had not the slightest idea what to do and that gave me a sense of hopelessness. I sat down, next to
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